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ATV Championship

“Mega ATV Championship” is well known for one of the most challenging and treacherous events that check the breaking point of the teams. It’s out of the edge and typically designed events create thrill for the performers that can only be recognized by the drivers. This season the challenges and essence will be different and are going to be more speculative with added zeal and zest. This season brings a new essence to the championship based on “Mountain Riders” and “Night races” which would distinguish this event from the world of the adventure. The purpose this season will be to focus more on innovation and research of new automotive technologies and produce enthusiastic and skilled rally drivers through its extraordinary rally format and rally tracks. The event will provide a platform for the teams to develop their ideologies and to become a successful and professional rally driver and circuit racer. This championship provides an involvement of a large number of automobile companies and the budding engineers will get more exposure. After successful completion of the fifth and sixth season of Mega ATV Championship now we are moving forward to organize the next season of Mega ATV Championship.

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